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What You Are Responsible For

Please make a comprehensive list and follow it. Check it several time before coming to camp.

  • Attitude: Attitudes are contagious and can ruin a trip for everyone. Please respect the rights of others on the trip. If you have any problems or concerns, bring them to our attention immediately and we will work to rectify them.

  • Clothing: In Maine the weather changes frequently and without warning. Be sure to have clothing to match the time of year your trip takes place. Remember, having more clothes than you need is better than not having enough.

  • Survival Pack: No one wants to be lost in the woods. Have a compass and be familiar with how to use it. If you bring a GPS, a compass is still a must. Bring a noise making devise (whistle or horn) for signaling. Flagging tape is always a good idea for marking locations. Waterproof matches or lighter, and a space blanket could be lifesaver. Bring a flashlight with extra batteries or a headlamp. Headlamps are extremely useful when needed. Bring a knife that is sharp and easy to carry.

  • Safety harness or vest: If you have one that you use and are comfortable with bring it along. If you don't have one we have the harness style ones available.

  • Weapon(s): If you're coming on a hunting trip, please be sure the weapon of your choice is sighted in and you have extra ammo.
    *We will be asking all hunters to demonstrate their proficiency with their weapon at the range before the hunt begins.

  • Medication(s): If you have prescription medication(s) or have medical condition, please let us know upon booking. If you have any type of allergies, especially any life threatening one(s), we need that information: it could help us save your life.

    *If you wear prescription eyeglasses, we recommend bringing a spare pair.

  • Emergency Contacts: Please provide us with contact information to have on record in case an emergency occurs.

  • Licenses & Permits: Before you arrive, you will be required to have obtained all necessary documents associated with your trip. If you need help in purchasing the right ones please give us a call. We need to verify this information upon your arrival.


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